Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Husband has Made Me a Better Person

    After reading the title of this blog, I wonder at your response.  Did you instantly jump into the body of the text to see what I had to say, or did you find yourself laughing out loud, mumbling "Ya right", thinking of your own relationship, your own experiences?  
    I know as a wife, there are times when our husbands can say or do things that we don't like.  We can, if we choose, focus on those negatives, take them to heart, live there.  Or, we can choose to look at those qualities of our husbands that have grown us, made us smile, changed our lives.
    Seth has done just that.  When we met, I was an insecure, little girl, too fearful to step out boldly for much of anything.  Then Seth entered my life and began to help me overcome my insecurities.  He is constantly encouraging me to participate in activities that will grow me and stretch me.  Together we've taken classes, joined ministries, listened to sermons, or walked through times of healing, all of which I would have been too fearful to do on my own.  From all of these, I have grown.  I am growing closer to the Lord, and as I grow closer to Him, all of my insecurities are falling by the wayside and the strength of the Lord is reigning in my life.  
    Seth continually tells me what a treasure he has found in me, what a gift I am.  I am growing more confident, because I know I have value.
   Seth has taught me to dream and because of that I desire to change the world.  I'm no longer afraid to say it.  I am a world changer!  My life is valuable, important, unique, all because it was given to me by the Lord and I know He has amazing plans for me.
   So, what about you?  Do you have a man in your corner that is spurring you on to be the best you you can be?  Can you look past the negative and start speaking what is good about your man?  I bet as you do, not only will your love for him grow, but your view of him will begin to change as well.  I bet in there, somewhere, you have a superman waiting to burst onto the scene!

"And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." Philipians 4:8
Yep!  He's my superman! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015


We are winding down here in Winona Lake.  The movie wrapped this week, and a lot was learned throughout the filming.  There is one person in particular from whom I felt I learned the most.  Her name is Virginia.  She is a beautiful woman who let us in to her heart from day one.  She came on the set a week after we had begun.  I first met her at breakfast.  She had never worked with any of the crew, and yet as she entered the room, she carried her breakfast and joined someone sitting by himself.  She simply said, "May I join you?"  (It looked so simple.)  They had what looked like a wonderful conversation.  He, having to leave, she picked up her remaining breakfast and made her way to our table.  We too had a lovely conversation with this woman.

I have been watching her throughout the filming and have been amazed by what I've seen.  She enters a room confidently.  She knows her job.  She knows when to give critique, but does it with love.  She is not afraid to try new things.  She makes everyone around her feel valued and loved, and not once have I seen her let fear keep her from reaching out to another.  She has become, with the best of intent, the mama on the set.  People come to her for advice, invite her to join them on outings, and make sure to give her a hug before they head out for the night.

Virginia has been a gift to this movie!

I have learned a lot watching this fearless woman!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Questions that Bring Smiles

During my devotions this last week I was presented with a question that simply made me smile.  "Was there ever a time in your life where you were loved by someone that would demonstrate the idea of 'love your neighbor as yourself'?"  I didn't have to sit here for long before memories, old and new, began to race through my mind.  Back home we were surrounded by people who I am pretty sure came right out of the heart of God.  Because of them, our lives will never be the same.  And here in Indiana it is again as if God hand-picked people to surround us with His love.  Some of that love has been simple, hello's and smiles as we pass on the street, taking time to stop and chat on the sidewalk, or a hug as we enter a room.  And some a bit more complex, baking us cookies and leaving a precious note on our doorstep, cutting a key so we can drop by at any time of day to do laundry, researching all sorts of activities in the area so our family will have fun and feel welcomed.  Was there ever a time where I felt loved?  Continually!  My God is a beautiful giver of sweet gifts.

This question was a wonderful thing to ponder as it didn't allow for thoughts that were anything but pure, lovely and of good report.  So, I would love to present it to you.  When have you experienced the love of a neighbor?  I would love to hear about it!
Our neighborhood, where we see many of these beautiful people!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family is a Blessing

Living this far from family made me a bit sad over the holiday weekend.  We were surrounded by people, enjoying the lake, and the fireworks, but it didn't hold the usual luster.  There is just something about family.  Those of you who know us, know that most every holiday we were in Portland or had parents or siblings in town.  It is what we do.  It was such a blessing to have that time together, to make more memories, to establish beautiful traditions.  But this Fourth, it was not the same.  In fact, the whole weekend I struggled shaking my blues.

Monday, however, was a new day!  We were filming the classroom scene, and with it came a bunch of beautiful children.  Children are my delight.  We spent many hours together in the extras holding, so I got to know many of them. We also met their mamas, and one family in particular became sweet friends.  We visited with them Wednesday, and after three hours of hide-and-seek, running around the house, chocolate chip cookies and conversation, we felt like family.  God is so good at taking our sadness and replacing it with joy, giving alternate families when ours is not to be had.  Thank you, Papa, for your goodness.

So, for those of you surrounded by family, today, take a moment and thank the Lord for His beautiful blessings.  I know families can bring interesting dynamics, drama, and sometimes a little crazy, but they are family, and they are yours.
The love of a grandpa can't be beat!

Family cuddle. :)

Grandma's give the best hugs!

Walking with grandma, on a crisp afternoon, precious.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


On the set Tuesday, I found myself delighted.  Kylia and I were relaxing on the curb, just a short distance from the action taking place on camera.  Seth was in the action.  As we were watching I caught a glimpse of him.  He must have sensed I was looking at him because he turned around and our eyes met, he smiled, we waved, and I couldn't help but giggle.  I leaned over to Kylia and asked, "Is it weird that daddy can still make mommy giggle after almost seventeen years?"  She just smiled.

Later that afternoon I was again on the outskirts talking with others connected with the movie.  Seth had stepped back a bit and was in an out-of-the-way location, and fairly close to me.  So, I excused myself and made my way over to him.  We both stood, watching the crew re-set, and I just leaned in and brushed my arm against his.  And with a sheepish grin, he asked, "Are you flirting with me?"  I nodded.  He told me I needed to stop because I was a bit distracting.  Well, all I can say is that he'd been distracting me all day. :)

Along with the giggles, were moments of pride for my man.  I had a number of people share with me what a great guy Seth was.  One was glad he was on the set as he brought a certain quality that was valued.  Another recognized and shared that I had a good man.  And others that his work was wonderful.

I love watching my man moving in his calling.  We aren't directing yet, but he is definitely in his element using the creative talents the Lord has blessed him with.  And for today I am all aflutter with love.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On a Journey

I want to say that we have begun a journey that has been long awaited, but then that would completely disreguard the beautiful journey we have traveled for the last sixteen years.  A journey that has taught us so much of who our God is: powerful, trustworthy, kind, gentle in how He leads, corrects, and instructs, the One who cares about the details, and truly does provide for all our needs.  We've been learning how to parent (every child and stage brings something new to learn and adds something beautiful to the adventure), how to love, serve, show care, believe, trust, endure, all of which are so important on this journey.  So our journey continues into a new season of learning, and growing.

We've moved out of our home of ten years.  It was a beautiful home. I thanked the Lord quite often for it.   Yet, over the last few months we all began to have a sense it was time to go.  Still, as we closed the doors for the last time, the tears flowed.  We had some beautiful memories in that home which will never be forgotten.
Our last day in our home.  Goodbye little, green house!

But, the journey must continue for this life to be all that the Lord has called us to.  So, we are no longer Washingtonians.

For a week we were Oregonians.

Our "stuff" now in storage in Sherwood, OR.  It fit!
The following week, Californians.
Time with family at Disneyland!

Then travelers for another week.

Grand Canyon!
Then we became Illinoisans, and visited with my grandparents.  They are 89 and 87 and a beautiful example of Christ, a healthy and loving marriage, and joy!  I am so honored to count myself part of their lineage.
Yep, those are my parents too!  They were already in Illinois when we arrived. :)

And now we are Hoosiers.  (Learned that from the locals!)
Our new home until the end of July!  We have the bottom level. :)
Beauties in the park by our current home in Warsaw, IN.
I'm greatly enjoying calling myself a Hoosier for this season.  We have been surrounded by beautiful people who continue to teach us how to love and lead.  I had a sick baby girl the first day on the set.  Lynn, a new friend, helped clean up vomit, ran and bought Leilani Pedialight, Saltines, and a sippy cup, washed all of her soiled clothes, and sat with her while she slept so I could help Seth on the set.  Erin, producer and lead actress, ran to our aid as well to clean up a later episode.  The example of servant leadership on the set was beautiful. The care that went into preparing our present home, was thought filled and came with a gentle touch.  And the list could continue.  I am discovering the love and the care of the Lord even here.  He continues to teach us how to lead and love by surrounding us with those who do it so well.  So, for today, I am a Hoosier, and happy to be.

This life, this journey, is blessed.  Thank you, Jesus, for the adventure! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

So I Won't Forget

As I was doing Kylia's hair for the day, she stated, "Mom, I want you to be my teacher when I have kids of my own, because you are a really good parent."

Wow! Melt my heart, make me cry, give me a hug.

Yet another reason why parenting is so worth it!